• The All-Important Forgotten Gardening Task

Here’s a fresh post from Sharyn Caudell, the “Gardener to Go”. This really is a refreshing message, and I think it might apply to more than just gardening. By the way, Sharyn has launched her own website, http://www.durhamgardenertogo.com . Be sure to check it out. Thanks, Sharyn!…

The Important Forgotten Gardening Task

By Sharyn Caudell – gardenertogo@hotmail.com

It’s spring. Our gardens are awash in blossoms. Our lawns are green and it’s great to be outside. Gardeners are busy – planting, transplanting, pruning, fertilizing, mowing, weeding, deadheading spent blooms, etc, etc.

Gardeners usually forget one very important garden task: taking the time to appreciate your garden. We stop and look at the garden and we see weeds that need pulled, plants that need moved, a shrub that needs moved in the fall. We don’t see the garden as a whole.

The next time you are in your garden, stop and try to see it for the first time. Pretend you are showing your garden to someone who has never seen it. Admire the colors of the flowers you’ve chosen or how the light coming through the trees is perfect or how the dappled shadows on the green grass make the mowing worthwhile. Don’t look for the jobs you need to do. If you grow vegetables, look at the rows of young plants and realize that you have created this. It will make the rest of the day in the garden a delight.

P.S. If you have a new home and ‘nothing’ to look at yet, just admire the light and think of it land as a canvas. You will ‘paint’ the garden there. Take pictures. Next year, you can appreciate all you’ve done.