An End-of-Year Poem for 2017

(Originally written December 2017)

Well, dear friends, the time is near
To welcome in a brand new year.

Twenty seventeen has been a wild ride,
Topsy-turvy, and side-to-side,
Ups and downs and twists and bends,
But we have made it to the end.

We look forward to two-oh-one-eight,
With hopes that the future will be great.
Maybe the hatred in the world will recede,
And cooperation of countries will succeed.
Maybe a miracle or two thrown in
To bring our Country together again.

Yes, our Country is in a state of shambles,
But maybe if we all took a little gamble…
And looked for ways to work WITH each other,
First one issue, and then another.
With common sense and goodwill as a guide,
Then twenty-eighteen will be a great ride!

I wish you and yours a happy, healthy, prosperous and safe 2018!