Buying a House?

For Buyers

This may be the best time ever to buy a house. Interest rates are at near-record lows, and there are plenty of homes on the market. Sellers are doing whatever they need to do to get their homes under contract and sold!

Since I’ve been in the Real Estate business, I have seen numerous changes in the “Offer to Purchase and Contract” used for buying and selling a home. The process has changed dramatically even over just the past few years. You need an experienced agent (me) to help you with the process.

North Carolina is a caveat emptor (buyer beware) state. Buyers need to be very conscious of what is involved in purchasing real estate, from home and termite inspections (and any other inspections that may be necessary), to negotiating for repairs, and so forth. This is yet another area where I can be of tremendous assistance to you.

The bottom line here is that you need an agent that will represent YOU and work to get you the best price, terms and conditions for your home purchase. The North Carolina Real Estate Commission has published a brochure entitled “Working With Real Estate Agents” that explains the relationships between an agent and his client.

Purchasing Triangle real estate can be a fantastic investment whether you are purchasing your first home, second home or are a seasoned investor. In today’s competitive real estate market, timing and precision are everything. Some of the best homes are sold before they are publicly announced. When you work with me it means you will get the edge over other buyers. I can provide you with the inside track to the hottest new homes for sale. I’ll be glad to help you take advantage of the current housing market.

If you’d like to set up your own personal “search” for a house in the Triangle, here’s a great mobile app for you:  Give it a try!